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[margin]147[/margin][center] 1864-5[/center]
[margin]Feb 17th 1865[/margin]
[right align]Queen's University, February 17th 1865[/right align]
The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Murray, Bell and Mowat. Rev.
J.H. McKerras Interim Professor of Classics, Rev.
Thomas Hart, Fellow of the University, and
Mr. John M. Machar, Lecturer in History.

The minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.

A letter was read from Rev. James
Ross, D.D., acknowledging with thanks the
receipt of his diploma of Doctor of Divinity.

[margin]Reply from Trustees[/margin][tab]A letter was read from the Secretary
[margin]anent Mr. Weir's[/margin]to the Board of Trustees informing the Senatus
[margin]application[/margin]that the Trustees had deferred the consideraton
of the power of subordinate College Boards
in respect to giving extracts till the meeting to
be held in April next, but that in the interim
they recommend the Senatus to decline
acceeding to Mr. Weir's application.

[margin]J.V. Noel's subject[/margin][tab]The following subject for a thesis for
[margin]of Thesis approved[/margin]the degree of M.A. was given in by Mr. John
V. Noel B.A. and approved by the Senate, viz.
"The intimate connection which exists between
mind and matter as shown in the relation
of metaphysics to physiology.["]

[margin]Extension of curricu-[/margin][tab]The subject of extending the curriculum
[margin]lum considered[/margin]for the degree of B.A. to four years was consdiered,
and it was unanimously resolved that
such an extension should be made in the case
of all students entering the University after
this session, and a Committee consisting of
Dr. Williamson, Convener, Pricipal Snodgrass,
and Prof. Murray, was appointed to
[right align]lay[/right align]

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