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[Margin]Jan 27th 1865
and Natural History, and to make his standing
in Mathematics depend on his general progress
in that branch during the session, and his examination
in it at the close of the session.

[Margin]Rev. S. Bayne recommended for D.D.[/margin]

There were read letters from Principal
Dawson of McGill College and the Hon. Mr.
Primrose of Pictou N.S. bringing under the notice
of the Senatus the qualifications of Rev. James
Bayne of Pictou for the degree of D.D. There
was also read the following recommendations
signed by "Hugh McLeod, D.D. minister of the Presbyterian
Church Sydney C.B., James Smith D.D.
L.T.P. Presbyterian College, Halifax, and W. Lyall
L.L.D. Professor of Metaphysics and Belles
Lettres, Dalhousie College, Halifax: Province
of Nova Scotia, December 1864. Having been
informed that some friends of the Reverend
and James Bayne Pastor of Prince Street Presbyterian
Church Pictou intend soliciting the Senatus
of Queen's University Kingston Canada
to confer on him the honorary degree
of D.D. we beg leave to state that we are acquainted
with Mr. Bayne's attainments as a
scholar and a minister of the gospel, and we
recommend him to the said Senatus as in every
way worthy of receiving from them the contemplated
honorary distinction." In view of the
above documents, and of other testimony which
the Senatus had received in favour of Mr. Bayne
it was unanimously agreed to recommend him
to the Senate for the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

Closed with prayer.

W.Snodgrass, Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary

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