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[center]1864-5[/center][right align]144[/right align]
[margin]Jan. 11th 1865[/margin]
margin[I year[/margin]year, Alexander, Bain, Burgess, Campbell, […ler?],
McDowall, Moore, Muckleston, Nicholson,
Neimans[?], cum his notis, Moore deficient in Classics
and Mathematics[,] Macdonnell deficient in
Rhetoric and to be interrogated anent cause of his
absence from the examination in Classics, and
from second day's examination in Mathematics;
[margin]II year[/margin]IId year Caldwall, Catterach, Chambers, Crysler,
Dupuis, Eakins, Ireland, Lane[?], McGregor,
McLaren, Niven, cum his notis, Cattenach & Lane
very deficient in all branches but Natural
History, McLaren very deficient in Logic, Niven
[margin]IIId year[/margin]deficient in Logic. IIId year: Fraser, Gray, Malloch,
McAlister, McBain, McKay, McMorine,
Muckleston, O'Louglin, Thompson cum his
notis Malloch very deficient in all the branches
except Logic, Gray deficient in Classics and Mathematics
McAlister deficient in Greek and Natural

[margin]Results of exam papers to[/margin]t was agreed to announce to the students
[margin]be announced[/margin]tomorrow the results of the examination.

Adjourned to meet tomorrow at a quarter to
one o'clock.

Closed with prayer.
W.Snodgrass, Principal[right align]J.B.Mowat[/right align]
[right align]Secretary[/right align]

[margin]Jan. 12, 1865[/margin][right align]Queen's University January 12th 18965[/right align]
Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors Williamson,
Murray, Bell, and Mowat, and Rev.
J.H. Mckerras, Interim Professor of Classics.

The minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.

[right align]The[/right align]

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The expression "cum his notis" (with these notes) should be italicized in any printed version. This is similar to "ad eundem" (at the same level), which shows up throughout these minutes.


Line 43 of transcription: "The" is a catchword.