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[center] 1864-5[/center][right align]134[right align]
[margin]Oct. 10th 1864[/margin]
year were examined orally on the subjects of
matriculation, viz.
[left column]John C. Cattanach
Francis H. Crysler
Joseph Samuel Eakin
Morgan Lane
Peter McLaren

[right column]Robert Chambers
Nathan Fellowes Dupuis
Charles Frederick Ireland
Peter Campbell McGregor
David Niven.

Closed with the benediction
W.Snodgrass Principal [right align]WBMowat[/right align]
[right align]Secretary[/right align]

[margin]Oct. 11th 1864[/margin][right align]Queen's University October 11th 1864[right align]
The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Murray, Bell, and Mowat,
and Rev. J.A. McKerras, Interim Professor
of Classics.

The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.

[margin]Form of Principal's[/margin]The Senatus agreed to recommend to
[margin]subscrip. to Diplop-[/margin]the Trustees to authorize the Principal to
[margin]mas of 1863-4[/margin]sign the Diplomas granted last session in
the following form[:] Gulielmus Snodgrass

[margin]Or. exam. of[/margin]The following students of the third year
[margin]students of 3d year[/margin]were examined orally on the subjects of matriculation,
[left column]James Fraser
George Mslloch
Alexander G. McBean
Samuel McMorine
Robert O'Louglin

[right column]James M. Grey
John McAlister
Donald McKay
John S. Muckleston
John R. Thompson

[margin]Committee on regu-[/margin][margin][/margin]Professors Williason and Mowat
[margin]lations for relig. service[/margin]were appointed a Committee to prepare reg-
[right align]ulations[right align]

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Lines 54-55 of transcription: "regulations" is broken. Since the "ulations" part is a catchword, I kept the break.