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[margin]Ap 26th 1864[/margin]
4. Andrew Agnew
5. James Simpson
6. David McGillivray
7. James Wylie with honours in philosophy
8. Allen C. Renaud
9. John Cameron

[margin]Honours to 2d year students[/margin] It was agreed to grant [to?]
the students of the second year [?] bursaries[?]
[margin]Natural history[/margin]Samuel McMorine in mathematics and natural history
Donald McKay do. do.
Alexander G. McBean in classics do. do.
John R. Thompson in natural history

[margin]Honours to 1st year students[/margin] It was agreed to grant [to?]
the students of the first year [bursaries?]
Francis Crysler in all the classes
Peter Campbell McGregor do. do.
Nathan Fellowes Dupuis do. do.
Charles Frederick Ireland do. do.
Charles Edward McIntyre in Mathematics
Joseph Samuel Eakin do.
Morgan Lane do.
Peter McLaren in natural philosophy
John Cattanach do. do.

[margin]remission of [?] bursaries[/margin] The Senatus agreed to request the Trustees
[margin]matric. fee requested[/margin]to remit the matriculation fees of Mr.
John Cameron for the present session on
the ground of his having taken [?] additional
sessions at the request of the Senatus.

[margin]Dr. Williamson to sign[/margin] Dr. Williamson was authorized as
[margin]the pass certificates[/margin]senior Professor to sign the sertificates of
those who have passed the University Examination.

The Senatus adjourned to meet tomorrow

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Transcription lines 12—15: Professor J. B. Mowat's signature is run vertically in the margin. Presumably these were his students, and should include line 16 as well.