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March 18th 1864
Mr M Lane's
application for
a bursary[/margin]papers on 21st, 22d, and 23d.

Mr. Morgan Lane, Student of
Arts of the first year, who purposes studying
for the ministry, having applied
for a grant out of the Bursary Fund,
it was agreed after considering his case to
recommend that a grant of $[?0?] be given
to him.

[margin]Mr. W. Caldwell's
application for
leave of absence.[/margin]Mr. William Caldwell, Student of
Arts of the first year intimated that he
was compelled by family reasons to return
home at the end of the month, and requested
that his attendance up to March
28th should be reckoned as a regular session.
The Senatus , considering the perfect
regularity of his attendance hitherto and
his exemplary diligence as a student agreed
to comply with his request, on condition of
his passing the University examination
satisfactorily, and appointed his examination
to take place on the 28th inst.

The Senatus adjourned to meet on
Monday the 28th inst at 2 o'clock P.M.

Closed with prayer.
[margin]vid. p. 156[/margin]W.Snodgrass pro Principal Leith deceased Secretary

[margin]March 28th 1864[/margin] Queen's University 28th. march 1864
The Senatus met according to adjournment
and was constituted.
Sederunt Dr. Williamson in the
Chair, and Professors Murray, Bell, and
Mowat, and Mr. Ross, Fellow of the University.

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