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[margin]117[/margin]. 1863-66

duly constituted.
Sederunt The Very Reverend Principal
Leitch, Professors, Williamson, Mowat,
Murray and Weir.
The minutes of former meeting were read
and approved of.

A petition from the students was read
asking that the Christmas holidays
should begin on the 18th Current instead of
the 24th. The Senatus agreed to comply
with their request but to announce to
them at the same time that the arrangements
made in the Calendar shall
in future be strictly adhered to.

Professors Mowat and Weir were appointed
a Committee to arrange about
the Bursaries.
Closed with the benediction
George Weir, Secretary
[margin]viz. p. 156[/margin]W. Snodgrass pro Dr. Leitch deceased

[line drawn across page—see note]

[margin]Jan. 29th 1864[/margin] Queen's College 29th January 1864
Which day the Senatus met and was
duly constituted.
Sederunt Dr. Williamson Pro tem.
Chair, Professors Murray and Weir.
The minutes of former meeting were
read and approved of.

[margin]Lecture room for[/margin]A letter from Mr. Ireland Secretary
[margin]History class[/margin]to the Board of Trustees together with an extract
from the proceedings of a meeting of the Executive
Committee requesting the Senatus to
make arrangements with Mr. Machar for
the use of one of the Class-rooms for his
lectures on Modern History, was read. Whereupon

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Dr. Mowat, who here replaces Dr. Weir as Secretary, makes it a practice to separate entries with a horizontal line. It is noted here, but I omit it in subsequent pages. Mowat also regularly includes marginal glosses.