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Kingston held on the 9th day of October
The Board, having taken into consideration
the Testimonials of the Candidates for the
vacant Chair submitted to them by the
Principal in accordance with the resolution
of the Board dated 15th April has agreed
unanimously to appoint the Revd. John C.
Murray Professor of Logic and Mental and
Moral Philosophy at this University."
Extracted from the Minutes
proceedings by
(Signed) W. Ireland
Secretary to Board of Trustees

After other formalities of Induction, Mr.
Murray's name was directed to be [as…?]
hereby added to the Senate Roll, and the
Members of the Senate present proferred
the right-hand of fellowship.

Closed with the benediction
George Weir Secretary

Queen's College 5th December 1862
Which day the Senate met and was
duly constituted.

Sederunt The Very Reverend Principal
Leitch, Professors Williamson, Mowat,
Lawson, Murray and Weir.

The minutes of former meeting were read
and approved of.

A letter from the Secretary of the Board of
Trustees regarding the Fees in the Arts
department and the Salary to the Secretary
of the Senate, and Dr. Stewart's abusive
attacks on Queen's College, was read

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Again, the right hand edge was cut off in the photocopy, presumably a byproduct of the binding of the original volume. Taken together with the faintness of the copy as well, it would be necessary to redo the photocopying of many of these left-hand pages if a true transcription is ever going to be completed.