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Lavell, and Horatio Yates.
The minutes of former meeting were read and
approved of.

A joint address to the Governor General on
the part of the Trustees and Senate was approved
of by the Senate, the Address to be pesented by
Professor Williamson, Senior Member of the Senate,
along with the Honourable John Hamilton, Chairman
of the Board of Tustees.
Closed with the benediction
George Weir Secretary.

Queen's College
11th October 1862
Which day the Senate met and
in the absence of the Principal was
duly constituted by Dr. Williamson
Chairman pro tempore.

Sederunt Dr. Williamson Chairman
pro tem: Professors Mowat, Lawson and

The minutes of former meeting were read
and approved of.

Dr. Williamson gave in his [?]
on the Examination of Papers for the Mowat
Scholarship, Donald G. McKay
being at the head of the list to [?]
said Scholarship was accordingly awarded.

On a joint view of the Examination
papers for the Campbell Scholarship
Alexander G. McBean stood first, to whom
that Scholarship was accordingly awarded.

Professors Williamson and Weir were

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