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"attendance on subsequent Sessions.

"[underscore]Fourth[/underscore]. [?]
"the Class Certificates.

"[underscore]Fifth[/underscore]. Immediate expulsion in [?]
"of some serious offences without
"the liberty of applying for re-ad[mittance?]

General Library.
"The purchase of books and [other?]
"supplies connected with the Librarian's [?]
"Funds, the care and superintendence [?]
"Faculties of Arts and Theology [?]
"shall have [p…?] of
"By-Laws for its management.

"The Secretary [?] Faculties shall [?]
"be the principal Librarian.

"The Faculties of Arts and Theology [shall?]
"nominate a Sub-Librarian, […ing?]
"[with?] Trustees by whom his salary is

"The Sub-Librarian shall present an
"accurate account of all Books taken
"and received, and shall twice every Session
"viz. 10th [?] and 10th April furnish
"Senate with a report of the contents [of the]
"Library to be submitted to the Trustees[,]
"the Semi-annual report.

"The Sub-Librarian shall

General Museum
"The Professor Natural History shall [be]
"Curator of the Museum and shall [?]
"a Sub-Curator subject to the

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Not only is the page too faint in the photocopy for certain transcription, but the right-hand edge seems to be cut off (again).