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"furnish for publication in the Catalogue
"a list of the Text-Books to be […}
"subject to approval of the Senate.

"The Professors shall regularly Examine the

"Each Professor shall at the […]
"Session furnish his students with Certificates
"of attendance and progress, and no such certificate
"shall be granted until the
["?} has been paid.


"No student shall be required to [?] any
"Religious Test, or Declaration[?] of Faith.
"Every Intrant must produce a Certificate [of]
"Moral and Religious Character from his province
"or from some responsible party[?] competent to
"grant such Certificate.

"Every student at the time of [?]
"shall subscribe the following[:]
"I — being now admitted as a student
"of Queen's College do hereby solemnly and
"sincerely declare and promise that I shall at
"all times render due respect and obedience [to]
"the Principal, Professors and other authorities
"of the University, and strictly affirm the
"Laws and Statutes thereof, that [?]
"regular attendance at my classes, and in all
"studies in which I am to engage and be [?]
"to the utmost of my power and ability [?] prescribed,
"that I shall conduct myself in [as]
"courteous and peaceable manner to [?], my
"fellow-students, and that I shall always maintain
"and defend the rights and privileges of the
"University, and never seek in any [?]

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I hesitate to mark this page as in need of review, as it seems as though the problems can only be addressed by an in-person examination of the original document. This is especially indicated by the apparent cutting-off of the right-hand edge of the page in the photocopy, perhaps due to a binding issue.