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Duncan Morrison Brockville C.W.
Albert H. Mulkins Kingston C.W.
John Reid Ross Scotland
William Henry Sullivan, Chambly C.E.
William B. Thibodo, Kingston C.W.

The Degree of M.D. was conferred upon
the following gentlemen:
Anderson, William J. Heckston
Blakely, Robert Brockville
Cogan, Jeremiah B Kingston
Curry, Robert Perth
Deans, William Carter, Trenton.
Dunlop, Neil, Kingston with honors
Farrell, John T. Cayuga
Fraser, John M. B.A. London C.W.
Kelly, David Milford
Kelly, Edward James, Merrickville
Kemp, J. A. Kingston
O'Reilly, Anthony Kingston
Parker, Robert Stirling
Ramsay, Robert L. M.Ed. Newmarket
with honors
Taylor, William F. Kingston with honors
Thirkell, William G. Kingston
Weir, William Scotland

The following Candidate passed the necessary
Examinations to qualify him for the Degree of
M.D. which will be conferred on his reaching
the required age of 21
Oliver, Alfred S. Kingston.

The following gentlemen passed the Primary
Examination in Medicine:
T. F. Chamberlain Farmersville
John Channonhouse Kingston
R. W. Day Kingston

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Lines 11-28 of transcription: the names are givin last name first, contrary to normal practice. We can assume that this was how they were presented to Reverend Weir, the Secretary, and he did not rearrange the list. I have taken the liberty of adding the usual comma between the last and first names in that list. I have also added an extra space in the entire list between the gentlemen's names and their places of origin. (Rev. Weir was parsimonious with commas.)