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[left column]5 Baldwin Fralick
6 George A. Yeomans
7 Ewen Macaulay
8 Andrew Agnew
[right column]9 George Edmison
10 James McFie
11 John Cameron

Senior Class Junior Division
[left column] 1 George Halligan
2 John Macmillan
3 Archibald E. Malloch
4 William B. Thibodo

[right column]5 William Hamilton
6 Duncan Morrison
7 William Sullivan
8 James Hope

Senior Class Senior Division
[left column]1 Thomas F. Harkness
2 John Macintyre
3 Stephen D. Hope
4 Alexamder Hunter
5 Robert V. Rogers
6 John Gordon

[right column]7 James Dingwall
7 James Dingwall
8 John Lochead
9 William B. Ferguson
10 Geoge S. Pair
11 John Flanagan
12 John Goodwill

Closed with prayer
George Weir Secretary

Queen's College
2nd November 1860

Which day the Professors met and
the Very Reverend William Leitch D.D.
recently elected Principal and [Professors?]
Professor of Divinity in this University being
present for the first time , took his place
in the Senatus as Chairman thereof and
constituted the meeting with prayer
Sederunt, the Rev'd Dr Leitch President
Professors George Williamson, Mowat, Lawson
and Weir.

The minutes of the former meeting were read
and approved of.

The Principal laid before the Senatus a
letter from a W. George Kilpatrick stating

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