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Oct. 13th 1876

in April in Junior Greek, and now in Junior Latin
and also at the matriculation examination
in mathematics and English grammar.

Tassie prizes

It was found that the Tassie Prize had
been gained by William Briden.

Morris nomination

The Morris nomination was awarded
to John McLay.

scholarships gained

It was found that the scholarships
in Arts had been gained as follows:

Watkins - William Briden
Leitch memorial (1) - James Downing
St. Paul's - Hugh H. McMillan
Mowat - Julien D. Bissonette


The Senate sustained the Pass examination
of the following undergraduates named in
the order of merit in the respective subjects:

junior Latin senior Latin junior Greek senior Greek honours in classics
1. Anglin 1. McLean 1. Anglin 1. White 1. Macdonald
2. Awde Junior mathematics natural philosophy 2. Cumberland German
3. D'Argent 1. D'Argent 1. McLean 3. Poallagh 1. McDowell
Senior mathematics chemistry natural science 4. Grant 2. Cumberland
1. Nairn 1. Love 1. White metaphysics
2. Creeggan 2. Creeggan 2. Cumberland 1. Shannon
3. Oxley 3. Ritchie 3. Hamilton 2. Drummond
4. Grant 4. Macarthur ethics 3. Wilson
5. Curry 5. Oxley 1. Wilson 4. Cumberland
6. Ballagh 6. Curry 5. Hamilton
7. Nairn 6. Lunam
8. Chisholm
Dr. N.D. Campbell
of Rush College

There was read an appllication from
N.D. Campbell M.D. a graduate of Rush Medical
College Chicago for a degree ad eundem.
The Secretary was instructed to inform him
that the Senate does not grant degrees in Medicine
ad eundem, and that in order to obtain

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