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Ap. 24th 1876

honour of Toronto

Hardy Memorial $50 Chemistry - James Ross with
honour of Kingston

Aberdeen $50 Senior classics - J.W. Mason

St. Andrews $50 Ethics - J.G. Stuart

Toronto $60 Natural philosophy - G.C. Patterson

Synod $60 Natural philosophy - H. Cameron

Kingston $35 German - G. Ritchie

Montreal $50 - Senior mathematics - D.A. Givens

Cataraqui $50 History - G. Claxton

Reekie $50 Natural science - J.R. Lavell

Buchan $100 Nat. Philos., Eth., Chem. } John Ferguson with
Eng. Lit & Greek Vest. } honour of St. Andrews & Cataraqui

Prince of Wales $60 Nat. Philos., Ethics, Chem. } J.B. McLaren
and Eng. Literature }

Prize essays

In accordance with the reports of the Committee
appointed to examine them, the Senate
found that the following essays were entitled
to prizes: each essay being indicated by its motto:
Burke - Palmam qui meriut ferat
Electric Telegraph - Intellect hath conquered time
Hume - Nunquam abid natura sapentia dicit
House of Commons - Salus populi suprema est [?]

W. Stewart

William Stewart having passed in all
the subjects of the matriculation examination
was declared to have entitled himself to the
rank of undergraduate.

passmen in Theology

The Senate found that the following
candidates named in the order of merit had
passed the University Examination in Theology:
George M. Millan, Thomas D. Cumberland,
Alex. H. Scott, John Mordy, Thomas S.
Glassford, and Alexander McLean, named
in the order of merit, and all of first year.

scholarships in Theology

The Senate found that the scholar[ships]

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