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Ap. 27th 1875

It was found that honours had been
gained at the University examinations as

honour men

Second year
D.P. Clapp - English Literature, first class
W.H. Irvine - Mathematics, second class

Third year
J. Ferguson - Metaphysics, first class
P.A. Macdonald - French, first class

Fourth year
G.R. Webster - Ethics, first class

It was found that the University
prizes had been gained as follows:

Univer. Prizemen

I. Prince of Wales - Thomas D. Cumberland
II. Montreal - B. Brown McLaren
III. Montreal - J.R. Lavell
IV. Montreal - James Ross

It was found the scholarships
had been gained as follows in Arts:

scholars in Arts

First year
1. Hardy Memorial - James Ross
2. Synod (1) - Robert Navin
3. St. Andrews' - Robert Ferguson
4. Henry Class Memorial - Donald McCannel

Second year
1. Kingston - J.R. Lavell
2. Synod (2) - Alex. McKillop

Third year
Synod (3) - J.G. Stuart

In consideration of the rank attained
by J. W. Mason at this examination the
Senate agreed to give him the rank of undergraduate
notwithstanding his not having
attended the mtriculation examination.

On a review of the written examination

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