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1865-6. 172

January 12th 1866

Absence from prayer

class to be fined

those of the regular 3rd year students of that session.

In view of the irregularity of attendance on
the part of some students the Senatus resolved to
carry into effect the 5th Regulation of 15th Oct 1866
regarding morning prayers with this addition:
Any student who shall be absent from prayers or
from any of the classes without a proper excuse
shall be fined ten cents for every absence, said
fine to be paid to the Secretary of the Senatus for
the benefit of the Library, and that one Professor
shall give a certificate to any student who has not
paid his fines for such non-attendance.

There were read Letters from Rev. Dr. Bergne
of London and Rev. Dr. Bayne of Pictou acknowledging
the receipt of their respective Diplomas.

text book in Moral

There was read and extract Minute of Synod
intimating that the Synod had agreed to insert
Stewarts' Outline of Moral Philisophy edited
by Dr. McCosh in room of Alexander Moral Philosophy
in the list of subjects for examination
prescribed to candidates for License.

There were read Extract Minutes of the Board
of Trustees to the following effect:

Reading of Extracts

1. The Trustees recommend the giving of Extracts
by Subordinate Boards at discretion , keeping
in view however the interests of the University
regarding the use to be made of such extracts,
and that in the case of Mr Weir the
question as to his legal right to the extracts for
which he has applied had been referred to the Solicitor
to the Trustees

Change in Arts Curriculum

2. In regard to the change in the Arts Curriculum
recommended by the Senatus, the Trustees
have adopted the recommendations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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