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January 12th 1866

Williamson, Murray, Bell and Mowat and Rev.
S.M. McKerras Interim Professor of Classics.

The minutes of last meeting were read and

Application of W. Claxton

In answer to a letter of inquiry from
William Claxton, the Secretary was instructed to inform
him that the remainder of the Campbell
scholarship will be paid to him next session on
condition of his then making up for his deficiency
of attendance this session.

A number of excuses for non-attendance at
prayers was disposed of.

Sherlock exempted from
attendance Sabbath

Mssrs Rogers & Gray
examiners of Essays

Mssrs MacDonald & Kirkpatrick
Examiners of Essays

It was agreed to exempt J.R. Sherlock
from attendance at Sabbath morning prayer.

The Senatus agreed to request the Revs.
R.V. Rogers and P. Gray to examine the Essays
given in for the Montreal prize, and the Hon.
John A. Macdonald and Thomas Kirkpatrick Esq.
to examine those given in for the Ottawa Prizes.
The Principal and Professors Bell and Mowat
were appointed to make a preliminary examination
of the Essay on Petroleum, and report to the

application of C.E.

In reference to an application from Charles
Tanner the Secretary was instructed to inform
him that his former attendance at this University
together with his attendance for one
year at St. Francis College will entitle him
to be admitted to the examination for the degree
of B.A. at the close of next session_the
subjects of his examinaiton to be the same as

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