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[center]1865-6[/center][ri8ght align]170[/right align]

[margin]Nov. 13th 1865[/margin]

chair, Professors Murray, Bell, and Mowat, and
Rev. J.H. McKerras Interim Professor of Classics.

[tab]The minutes of last meeting were read and

[margin]F.H. Chrysler

On a review of the matriculation examination
of Francis H. Chrysler, the Senatus agreed
to allow him to matriculate as a third year

letter from A.E.

In reply to a letter of inquiry from James
E. Burgess, the Secretary was instructed to inform
him that he cannot be allowed to matriculate
as a reuglar student after Christmas, or
to enjoy his scholarship unless he matriculates
before that date.

Haven & Muckleston
exempted from Sabbath service

W.C. Haven and W.S. Muckleston
were exempted from attending morning prayer.

Divinity scholarships

On a review of the matriculation examinations
of the Divinity Students , it was found that
the Divinity Scholarships felt to be awarded as follows:

Ist Year William M. Lemmon Colonial Committee $55
". " Samuel McMorine [Alsace?] $50
". " James M. Gray St Andrews University. $4857
IInd Year Donald Fraser No 2 St Paul's Montreal $60
". " John Ferguson. Colonial Committee. $50
". " Daniel McGillivray. do. do. $40
IIId Year. Robert Sardine do. do. $50

Closed with prayer.

J.M. Mowat, Secretary
W Snodgrass, Principal

January 12th 1865

Queen's University January 12th 1866

The Senatus met and was constituted.
Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professor Williamson

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