James H. Black, Greenock, & Addy McDonald, Greenock (28 Oct. 1874)




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Province of Ontario


Under the Act respecting the Solemnization of Marriages, 1874.
(Where either of the parties are under the age of twenty-one years)

These are to certify that James Henry Black
of the Township of Greenock, in the County of
and Addy McDonald of Township of Greenock in the County of
Bruce, being minded, as it is said, to enter into the contract of
Marriage, and being desirous of having the same duly solemnized, the said James Henry Black
has made oath, as required by law, that
believes that there is no affinity, consanguinity, precontract, or any other lawful cause
or legal impediment to bar or hinder the solemnization of the said marriage, and that said Parties
have been at usual place of
abode, for the space of fifteen days last past within

and that the said James Henry Black is above
the age of twenty-one years, and that Addy McDonald is above
the age of twenty five years.

And these are therefore to certify, that the requirements of the Act respecting the solemnization
of Marriages have been complied with.

Given under my hand and seal at Walkerton this twenty-eight
day of October in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
seventy-four and in the thirtieth eighth year of Her
Majesty's reign.

Issued from the Office of the Provincial Secretary
for the Province of Ontario, under 37 Vic., Cap. 6
this first day of July

M. Maclean
Issuer of Marriage Licenses

Arch McKellar
Provincial Secretary

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