Thomas Clapp, Ameliasburgh & Nancy Huff, Ameliasburgh (26 Jul. 1818)




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Whereas Thomas Clapp of Ameliasburgh and
Nancy Huff of the same place were desirous
of intermarying with each other, and there being no
parson or minister of the Church of england
living within eighteen miles of them or either of them,
they have applied to me for that purpose, now
these are to certify, that in pursuance of the powers
granted by an Act of the Legislature of this Province
pased in the thirty third Year of His Majestys reign
I, Reuben Bedell, one of His Majestys Justices of
the Peace, having caused the previous notice by
the Statute required to be given, have this day
married the said Thomas Clapp and Nancy
together and they are become legally contracted
to each other in marriage.

Ameliasburgh the
26th July 1818
Reuben Bedell, J.P.
Thomas Clapp
Nancy Clapp

In presence of
John Embree
James Foster
Enoch Holloway
Paul C Clapp
Mary McDaniell
Elizabeth Embree
Tabby Foster

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