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effect on the world's conception
of history and the past, eschewing
literary and biographical criticism.

I wish his bad stuff
covered a smaller area.
was not so spacious
and so bad
. I feel it more
than I did, and
admire Stevenson's
avoidance of those
longueurs the more.
But Scott fished the
moon up and his best
is the best. But O
how Flora bores me
in Waverley, how bad
half even of Redgauntlet
is. But all you have
written of him is perfectly
and abundantly true.

My Grey is coming out on March 1.
I have told them to send you
a copy. I don't know whether
Ll G. will do battle on it.
He is a formidable antagonist
but his case v. Grey is very bad

[written in left margin]

much worse than his case against the soldiers.
Yrs ever, G.M. Trevelyan

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G.M Trevelyan wrote a biography of Lord Grey of Falloden (who had been Foreign Secretary at the beginning of the First World War), and it was published in 1937.


'LL.G' is David Lloyd George, Prime Minister from December 1916.