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Stephen at Nov 11, 2023 04:50 PM


Nov : 26

I spent yesterday morning going over the University
Experimental farm, and lunched with the Chief Justice.
Then the Rodneys came to see me. What delightful
people they are! Their eldest boy is going to McGill this
year. Then I received the King's Scouts, & dined at
Govt. House, and then went to an enormous party of
Scotsmen. We got on the train at 10pm, & are
on our way to Regina. This morning it is lovely

We have just heard that in the International Trophy at
the Toronto Horse Show the Canadians were first, the British 2nd,
& the Americans 3rd - just the result I could have wanted.

I am in hopes of getting a letter from you at
Regina. I am very well.

Much love to you all