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Nov : 25 : 36

My own most precious one,

I have just got your cable. I fear there is
nothing for it but sailing on Dec 24th. Jan 2nd would
cut it too fine. As I said in my letter, we could risk
that if there was some urgent reason why you should
stay over Xmas; but it would be a risk, for it would
only give you at the most 4 days before the State

I have been seeing endless people here from
Scotland - many recalled my earliest youth. I also
met "Royal Flush"['s brother], who is in the Government
Service here. I had a delightful dinner with the soldiers
last night, and after that a smoking concert of the legion.
but always a speech from poor J.B! Yesterday afternoon
I met all the Northern pilots - wonderful keen young
men. They can't start at their job, for the lakes aren't
frozen yet. They flew me over Edmonton, and I saw
the Rockies 250 miles away quite clearly.

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"Royal Flush" could perhaps be Margaret Irwin: I can't find out if she had a brother in the Canadian government service.


The Tweedsmuirs knew Margaret Irwin, so it's likely that the allusion is to her.