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a real hope that the soberer members of the two schools would
accept the new Book, and while each reading an interpretation
of their own into the Book of their preference, would agree to
live and let live? Now, it is hard to see what will happen.
I suppose nothing very dramatic; but that the Anglican irregularities
will go on with increased boldness, with the chance of some
public scandals if the devotees go very far Romewards. As
it happens, I have often attended High Mass since I have
lived in France, officially or otherwise, at funerals and weddings
and other public occasions - And I have been impressed by
recognising a much greater simplicity of attitude, and a
closer relation beween the priests and the congregation, than
one would find at a High Anglican ceremony in England.

At this last they always seem to be engaged in an incantation
strictly personal to themselves, and aloof from the herd of worshippers.
So no wonder that they often frighten "the man in the pew".

I "seize the occasion" to tell you how much I have
enjoyed your last books as they have appeared, especially
the calling up of Dr Johnson in his youth, and the most
vivid presentation of the atmosphere of a deer-forest that
I have ever come across.

Yours v. sincerely


[ST: Ambassador in Paris]

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