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puzzled me. I asked him. He replied "I
am a Bohemian". "Oh" said I "then
you are an Austrian." "Yes" was his
answer "on compulsion"; a trifling con-
versation followed, when he suddenly
burst out "You know the Servians
had nothing to do with the murder of
the archduke. It was a German plot."
By German I gathered he meant Austrian.
Countess Zanardi Landi in her recent
book says roundly that the military &
court party in Vienna murdered her
brother the Archduke Rudolph and also
the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in both
cases for political reasons.

My Bohemian friend said this view
was universal in Bohemia & he am-
plified the reasons which are the same
as in your book.

The glowing account you give of
the response of India emboldens
me to ask if you know anything of
a remarkable statements on pages
170-173 of a book called "Pan-Germanism"
by an american Professor Roland Usher Ph.D. of St Louis
U.S.A. The book is already becoming a
mass of ludicrous prophecies & wrong conclusions,
but is at least remarkable for its guesses and
conjectures as to the King in India on pages
stated. I wonder if they have any foundation?

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'The Secret of an Empress' Countess Zanardi Landi 1914