Status: Complete

able to hunt up &
bring away. It covers a
point of great importance
& five clues to matter
& authorities (on the Peace
of 1763) that were not
known to Lov. Fraser.

I find that St. Loe
Strachey is himself much
possessed with the idea that
Fredk the Great in what he
said of Lord Bute shewed him
-self a fit example to the
liars of modern Prussia.

Ys. vy A

CB Stuart Wortley

Notes and Questions

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Could the letter be signed by Adelaide D'Arcy Collyer, whose letter to The Spectator is on page 5 and 6? The letter is obviously addressed to the Countess of Lovelace (née Mary Stuart-Wortley, Susan Buchan's aunt), since 'Ockham' Park, the Lovelace house in Surrey, is mentioned.


C.B.Stuart-Wortley QC lived at 7 Cheyne Walk:


Excellent sleuthing. Charles, I think, was Mary’s brother or uncle. I’ll check.