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up a Report (Number 766 Book D No 2) which was read and

Ald Harty introduced a By Law to authorise His Worship
the Mayor and the City Treasurer to borrow ten thousand dollars
under the seal of the Corporation which was read a first time
The 29th Rule was suspended for the evening and the
Council went into Committee of the Whole on the second reading
Ald Gaskin in the Chair
The Council resumed
The Committee rose and the Chairman reported the second
reading of the By Law clause by clause in Committee - The
report was received
The By Law was read a third time and passed

On motion the Council adjourned

M Flanagan, City Clerk
Robt P Carson, Mayor

Monday 7.30 OClock PM
Kingston March 22 1880

A Meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the City of
Kingston was held this day. Present

His Worship The Mayor
CF Gildersleeve, JP Gildersleeve, Harty, Maloney,
McGuire, McIntyre, Pense & Wilson

Aldmn Allen, Anglin, McMahon and McRossie were present
at 8 OClock previous to the Roll being called and there
being no quorum the meeting adjourned.

M Flanagan, City Clerk

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