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of the Whole on the second reading.
Ald. Livingston in the Chair
The Council resumed
The Committee rose and the Chairman reported the second reading of the
By Law clause by clause. The Report was received.
The 30th Rule being again suspended the By Law was read a third time and
passed, Nemine contradicente.

On motion of Ald. Robinson seconded by Ald. Livingston
Whereas this is the 73rd Anniversary of the Birthday of our esteemed and faithful
City Clerk Mr. M. Flanagan.

Ordered, That this Council desire to extend to him our hearty
congratulations on this occasion and to hope that he may be spared for many more
years to fill the position he has so long filled, with credit to himself and benefit to
the City.

On motion the Council adjourned.

R.F. Elliott

M. Flanagan
City Clerk

Monday 8 o'clock P.M.
Kingston October 5th 1896

A meeting of the Council of the Corportion of the City of Kingston was held this
day. Present:

His Worship the Mayor
Behan, Carson, Curtis, Hewton, Livingston, Martin, Minnes,
Newlands, Redden, Richardson, Skinner, Stewart, Strainge, Tait

The Clerk read the minutes of the two last meetings.

Communications summarized by Clerk were read and referred as follows:

From Thomas Bowman Toronto Re: tree planting in Street and public
Parks. Referred to the Board of Works and Committee on Parks.

From William Massie on behalf of Mr. Rennie Toronto Re: rent of drain.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Richard Boyd and others Taxes. Referred to the Court of Revision.

From Frank C. Ireland Re: fees No 1 Market received to date $412.20.
Referred to Committe on Finance.

From George Thompson Collector of Taxes stating amount of taxes received
by him to date. Referred to the Committee on Finance.

From Robert Meek Esquire Chairman of Public School board Re: Plank
Walks around the Frontenac School House. Referred to the Board of Works.

Petitions were presented and referred as follows:

From D.L. Knapp and 5 others by Ald. Martin for grates to be placed
corners of Brock and Albert Streets. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Savage Bros. by Ald. Minnes asking for the removal of a tree in
front of their store. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Mrs. McLennan by Ald. Martin asking for compensation for
damages done to her by the bursting of a Hose. Referred to the Committee on
Fire, Water and Light.


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