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which was read a first time.
The 30th Rule was suspended and the Council went into Committee of
the Whole on the second reading.
Ald Tait in the Chair
The Council resumed.
The Committee rose and the Chairman reported the second reading of the
By Law clause by clause. The Report was received.
The 30th Rule being suspended, the By Law was read a third time and
Yeas: Mayor, Elliott, Aldermen: Allen, Behan, Carson, Curtis,
Donnelly, Drennan, Livingston, Martin, Minnes, Newlands,
Ryan, Skinner, Stewart, Strainge, Tait, Walkem - 17
Nays: none.

On motion of Ald. Livingston seconded by Ald Drennan
Ordered, That the Committee on City Property and Markets be
empowered to ask for tenders Market Nos 1 & 2 with power to award.

On motion the Council adjourned.

(Sigs) M. Flanagan
City Clerk

R.F. Elliott

Monday 8 o'Clock P.M.
Kingston September 21st 1896

A Meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the City of Kingston was held this
day. Present:
His Worship the Mayor
Allen, Behan, Carson, Curtis, Donnelly, Drennan,
Hewton, Livingston, Martin, Minnes, Newlands, Redden,
Richardson, Ryan, Skinner, Stewart, Strainge, Tait,

The Clerk read the minutes of teh two last meetings.
Communications summarized by Clerk were read and referred as

From William Newman and 7 others opposing the making of a drain
on Beverly street.
On motion of Ald. Donnelly seconded by Ald. Carson
Ordered, That with regard to the petition of William Newman and
others and with reference to the Beverly Street drain the Board of Works be
authorized to proceed with the construction if it is found that the petition against
the same be not sufficiently signed to obstruct the same.

From Charles Belwa Township Clerk of the Township of Pittsburgh
complaining of a nuisance on the Pittsburgh shore. Referred to the Board of

From Joseph E. Clark Secreaty Kingston Hospital asking for a
fixed Water rate for Hospital. Referred to the Water Works Committee.

From William B. Dalton Re: sewer rent Johnson Street. Referred
to the Board of Works.


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