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On motion of Ald Martin seconded by Ald Drennan.
Ordered That William Miller receive ten dollars and William Burke receive
$5.00 for special service rendered Deseronto Fire and that the said amount be deducted
from the $100 donated by W. Rathbun through Mayor Elliott to the City for
said service.

On motion the Council adjourned at one o'Clock A.M.

R.F. Elliott, Mayor
(Sig'd) M. Flanagan, City Clerk

Monday 8 o'Clock PM.
Kingston, July 13th 1896

A Special meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the City of Kingston was
held this day. Present:
His Worship the Mayor
Allen, Behan, Carson, Curtis, Donnelly, Livingston, Martin, Minnes,
Newlands, Richardson, Ryan, Skinner, Stewart, Strainge, Tait, Walkem.

The Mayor stated the meeting was called to consider Electric Light contract
and take up general business. Communications summarized by the Clerk were
read and referred as follows:

From Peter Lamoureaux and others taxes. Referred to the court of

From Messrs Walkem and Walkem claiming $75 for damages done
to Mrs McLennans furniture at the recent fire. Referred to the Committee on
Fire, Water and Light.

Petitions were presented, read and referred as follows:
From Merchants Bank of Canada per G.E. Hague Mgr and 4 others by
Ald Livingston asking for an artificial stone walk 10 feet wide constructed on
Wellington Street from the Merchants Bank property to Princess Street.

From James Richardson & Sons and J.B. Carruthers by Ald Livingston asking
to have an artificial stone walk constructed on Wellington Street 9 feet wide from
Richardsons property corner of Brock Street to Carruthers property corner of Clarence

From Thomas Briggs Manager of the Frontenac Loan & Investment
Society and 4 others asking for the construction of an aritifical stone walk 8 feet wide on
East side of Clarence Street from the Rectory property to Wellington Street.

On motion of Ald Livingston seconded by Ald Carson
Ordered, That the petitions of Merchants Bank, Thomas Briggs,
James Richardson & Sons be referred to the Board of Works and City Commissioner
with power to act and the work be given to George Wilson at the prices now being paid
him by the City for the construction of said artificial stone side walks.

Ald Stewart brought up petition of School of Mining and agriculture
and W.R. McRae asking for the construction of an asphalt walk from West Street
along Earl to Clergy and from Earl Street along Clergy to Barrie Street the Walk to
allow boulevards on inside walk on Earl Street to be six feet wide and on Clergy Street
4 feet wide.


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