QSA847328 1889 Telegram from Hugh Milman to Under Colonial Secretary 24 November, Colonial Secretarys Office In Letters, In letter 89/10164, DR69730





[centred, in red ink] Benches

[oval stamp, left of centre] COLONIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE, QUEENSLAND 10464 [tick] 22. NOV. 89.

[right of page] PM Cooktown [written diagonally] Away

[in red ink] Missionaries at Cape Bedford have applied for Police

[centre of telegram] Electric Telegraph, Queensland.

[upside-down oval stamp on right] ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH OFFICE No. S 57 BRISBANE [Wd]s. 32 [Am]t. 2/10 OHMS From Cooktown____h.__1___6m. Dated 21_____11______1889. MESSAGE for U Col Secy BRISBANE.

Missionaries at Cape Bedford sent in for police Blacks very troublesome owing to heavy rains Country impassable so after conferring with Inspr Murray have engaged boat to send police up by water

[signed] Hugh Milman PM


[written diagonally on left] Approved [initials] B.D.M. _______ 23/11/89 _______

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