QSA847328 1889 Telegram from Frederic Urquhart to Commissioner of Police 11 November, Colonial Secretarys Office In Letters, In letter 89/10010, DR69728





[centred, in red ink] Police

[oval stamp, left of centre] COLONIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE, QUEENSLAND 09899 [tick] 13. NOV. 89.

[written diagonally, on left, in green ink] Previous [written diagonally, on left, in red ink] 89. 9672 Benches 2. ________

[written in red ink] Sub Inspr Urquhart's report re search for Mr Savage

[centre of telegram] Electric Telegraph, Queensland.

[oval stamp, on right] ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH OFFICE No. S 34 BRISBANE

[Wd]s. 17 [Am]t. 1/7 OHMS From Thursday Isld___h.__9___10__m. Dated 11____11____1889 MESSAGE for Commr Police BRISBANE.

Returned yesterday left the Rev Savage at Darnley Isld on eighth report of murder wholly without foundation

[signed] A [sic] C Urquhart

/13 [written diagonally] AM Away

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