QSA847324 1889 Telegram from HC Wilson to Colonial Secretary 23 September, Colonial Secretarys Office In Letters, In letter 89/9051, DR69715





[centred, in red ink] H. C. Wilson

[written diagonally, top left] 89. 9919. Secs

[in red ink, right of centre] Col Sec

[oval stamp, left of centre] COLONIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE, QUEENSLAND 08414 [tick] 23. SEP. 89.

[oval stamp, right of centre] COMMISSIONER OF POLICE 09,999. QUEENSLAND 26. SEP. 89.

[in red ink] If a Native Police Station can be stationed at Nigger Creek

Electric Telegraph, Queensland.

[oval stamp, on right] ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH OFFICE 0068 BRISBANE

[written diagonally across page]

Sent on to [underlined in blue pencil] Commissioner of Police [initials] B.D.M 24/9/89 _______ Police are now stationed at Nigger Creek [signed] D.T. Seymour Comr of Police B.C. 25. 9. 89 ________ [stamp] The Honorable The Colonial Secretary, 26. Sep. 89 B.C. [written in red ink] 902 [written in red ink] Telegram CP 280 27/9/89 ______ [in green pencil] [tick] 27/9/89

[Wds.] 19 [Amt.] 1/9 From Biboohra_____h.9_____m. Dated 23____9____1889 MESSAGE for Colonial Secretary BRISBANE.

Could you station black police close to the outside stations say Nigger Creek, Atherton being no use to us

[signed] H C Wilson Mgr Gunnawarra Herberton


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