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for conveyance to and delivery at
Normanton, for [in pencil] 6702 M[?]/81 whence he is now
departing on his own business, and
have written to the Police Magistrate
requesting him to take Grace's
deposition, and to communicate with

I have deemed it advisable to
adopt these measures in order that it
may be ascertained from skilled opinion
if the remains are those of a white man
as well as to the height, weight &c of
the man when living.

Upon the completion of the
necessary examination I respectfully
request the Remains - which I am
very strongly of opinion are those of
the unfortunate Walter Clarke, - may
receive decent burial.

The Trousers just mentioned
will also be forward [sic] with Grace -
The saddlery will be sent to
Normanton at an early date by
a Dray said to be now en route here
with Rations, and to return to
Normanton shortly after arrival.

In reference to the latter. I
would suggest the advisability of
compelling E.A. Hungerford to inspect
and depose as to their identity or
otherwise - with the property left
with Clarke - and that this should
be done at as early a date as
possible -

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