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[top right] 2.

(1000) head; and from inquiry believe
they were purchased [in pencil] 6702 M[?]/83 at Taldora on
the Flinders River, [in pencil] and reached here
only about [in pencil] three (3) weeks ago, via
"Creen Creek" and "Vanrook" (Hungerford's).

Upon the date of my arrival
it was reported by Cornelius Grace - a
Stockman then in charge, that he with
another man named James Bourke
(also a Stockman) had on the previous
day, discovered the Remains of a man
together with a quantity of Saddlery near
their Camp. I accompanied Grace to
the Spot and found what I am fully
convinced are [in pencil] the bleached bones of a
. The remains had been
very little disturbed by Grace, and
I had a good opportunity of observing
minutely the condition and position of
the same. Dogs and Birds had
made sad havoc of the human
remains as well as the Saddlery &c.
A very considerable number of the bones
being missing, and the leather of the
Saddlery gnawed away. Exposure
to the weather had also rendered it
a matter of great difficulty to identify
that which was left.

With me I have the Blackboy
"Jemmy" who accompanied Hungerford
and Clarke upon their trip to the
Archer River &c. from which Clarke
did not return. The Boy is very Stupid

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