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Home Camp,
Pittsburg, N. H.
August 4, 1924.

Mr. K. T. Tsai,
Haines Falls, N. Y.

My dear Tsai,

Your brother has just written me suggesting that in view
of the uncertainty of his plans for the immediate future and his conse-
quent inability to determine how much money he will require to carry
him along I should send you two or three hundred dollars to be dispens-
ed by you in his behalf as needed. The suggestion seems to me a good
one. I find, however, that the balance of the funds in my hands sent
me by your father on K. F.'s account amounts to only three hundred and
sixty dollars and fifty five cents. Accordingly I am sending you check
for that amount, - $360.00-. As I understand that K. F. is to return to
China with you in the near future I assume that you will have no ob-
jection to handling his money for him while he is still in this country.
I do not desire to shirk any proper obligations in the matter, but it
seems to me that this would be the natural and probably the easiest way
to deal with the situation in view of the facts referred to above. I
hope that you will agree.

I have just received a letter from our old friend Mr. Chow
Shou Son telling me that he is in New York and hopes to visit me in An-
dover this week. Naturally I am terribly disappointed for I shall not
be in Andover again until September. Possibly I can persuade Mr. Chow
to pay me a visit up here, but I fear that he will think the journey too
great. Mr. Chow did everything for me when I was in China a dozen years
ago and I should dearly love to try to help make his visit to this coun-
try at this time as pleasant and profitable as possible. He writes from
the Vanderbilt Hotel in New York.

I do hope that the summer up in the mountains is doing
your wife a world of good and that she will soon be as well as or bet-
ter than ever. My heartiest good wishes to you both. Am I going to
get another glimpse of you before you return to China?

Ever sincerely yours,

Alfred E. Stearns

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