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Mr. Tsai Shoukie - 2

Since your letter arrived I received notice from the bank of the receipt
of $2,000 from you to be used, I assume of course, in Kuo Fang's behalf.
As I had understood from K.T. that the boy was to give up the American con-
nection and return home in the near future, and as he was at that time staying
with his older brother out in New York state, I took the liberty of sending
K.T. a check amountig, as I recall it at this moment, to three or four
hundered dollars, and which represented the balance of K. F's account in my
hands. The boys both left the New York place soon after I happen to know,
and I have had no word yet acknowledging the receipt of the check in question.
Neither have I had from K. F. a request for further funds, something a bit
out of the ordinary. In the meantime I have deposited the $2,000 to the boy's account n our local bank and will hold it there until I receive further
word as to its final disposition.

I have had a very bitter disappointment this summer in my failure to
connect with our good old friend, C. L. Chow, who has recently been in America
and even in Andover. When I heard that he was in the country I wrote him
suggesting a possible visit to my camp in northern New Hampshire, but I imagine
that he felt that this would be attempting too much. At any rate the nest
news I had of him was in the form of letters from him and from some of
my Andover friends telling of his visit to Andover and to the haunts of his
school boy days. I don't know anyone whom I would have been gladder to
welcome to Andover and my own home, and it hurts badly to know that Mr. Chow

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