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April 12, 1929

Mr. Tsai, Ting-kan
147 Ebisu Cho
Dairen, Manchuria

My dear Mr. Tsai:

I am enclosing Helen's term report which I have recently received from Saint Mary's School. As is to be expected, the grades do not run so high as they did at the Whittier School. This does not mean poorer effort or actual achievement on Helen's part, but only stiffer marking. A smaller school like the Whittier School is naturally apt to keep its grades pretty high. The bigger and better the school, the less often the high grades appear. Even so, Helen's grades are distinctly good and the general report excellent.

The tea which you were so generous as to send me arrived safely several days ago and in its alluring boxes it certainly looks tempting. I wish it were possible to pick up in this country tea of such excellent standard, for I can't think of a gift to some of my good friends that would be more deeply appreciated than this.

It may interest you to know that on checking up the savings accounts in which I have been carrying the funds you placed at my disposal some time ago, the accumulated bank interest in your favor to date amounted on April first last to thirteen hundred fifty dollars and fifty-eight cents ($1350.58). Up to date I have had to transfer only two thousand dollars of this fund from the savings to the checking account so that the interest has been able to accumulate fairly generously. Nor have I entered this sum in the accounts which have been rendered you, the latter having been based wholly on the checking account itself.

With kind personal regards, believe me always

Very sincerely yours,

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