Carex Willdenowii Schkur, p. 5


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Carex Willdenowii Schkur, p. 5


57 Carex Willdenovii, Schkur.

Spike simple, with 4 to 8 closely imbricated
sterile flowers at the top; perigynia 4 to 9 ablong
rough on the angles, and tapering beak; scales of
the pistillate flowers green & leaflike, the lowest
equally or larger than the spike; stigmas three,
downey; leaves much longer than the culum.
Culum 4 to 12 inches high Flowers in June
Dry rocky places in woods and copses.

Plate VIII figure 2 - a The spike
or head of flowers. b. Perigynium c The

Illinois, southern Indiana & Ohio. It
has also been found in the Arctic regions,
south to Florida, and East to the Western part
of N. York.

Carex Willdenowii Schkur, p. 5