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Transcription:: Article in "CORKS AND CURLS" by R.H.Baker, Jr.


out number started praying and passed out for the rest of the perform-
ance. We carried him out after it was over. Another just did his
best to get as comfortable as possible up alongside a Major and final-
y decided to take a nap on the Major's shoulder. Nothing could
arouse him till the Major had to leave. I heard a woman behind me say
"C'est le guerre", and hat expression lets everything by.

One morning, quite a while after we got to the front, we all
woke up to the tune of a barrage, the first one we had ever heard. I
can say for myself that I was nervous. I didn't think they could
possibly be making all that noise unless the whole darn German army
was coming right on across hat "No Man's Land". Of course, it was
only a bunch of "Frogs" going over the top for a prisoner, and of
course some of them got wounded. The boche did a little artillery d
display just for fun and messed up some of the roads.

One of our boys was coming along with a load and a slightly
wounded man on the front seat. Shells were flying right promiscuous-
ly and finally one hit right alongside of his car. It covered him
with mud and shook him up a bit, but none of them were touched. As he re-
covered himself the Frenchman on the sear with him casually remarked
"Pres n'est-ce pas?" The boy looked at him a little wild-eyed and
shouted "My God, man, I've been praying for the last half hour".

All during the winter months we went on doing our work in such
a way as to get very fine commenations from both the French and our
Headquarters. Jim Moore and Peter Muir distinguish themselves by
getting a "Croix de Guerre". In February we handled a little attack
with seven-hour barrage and increased our number of croix de guerre by