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p. 203

It is said, a certain [?] Samuelson and [ Prusican ] had the Secret of making Amber transparent giving it a Red, Blue or Perple Colour.

Henkel says he could prepare Amber without Alkalis and desolve it perfectly in [?] and reduce it to a [Petro????].

The Use of Amber
It is a good varnish, [?] also used medicinally.
In Powder it is good for [ Mystenes] or a [ deep ]. [?]
It is good for [Gennerrheas] and the [???] excellent [Pulneray].
It is doubted whether the Bitumane originated with Mr Noble - [ Vicleanor ] are suppled by [ Ceal ] . [???????] Sulphur

p. 203

5 1/4
It is laid, a certainty
To reculsen a prufian, had the
teevet of wokin Ambermans rosenly
iqueng to the, blue or perple
Henkle says, he could prepare
amber alterd alpalis dezolve a
tesfeely and reduce it to a
Thellye of Amber
It is a good varnish. beas
also used in edicinally.
In powder it is good for.
Ngsleci. it a deepheuhi. Idecinea
It is good wgennerrheas
& the whify ian eaecllent Nulneray
It is doubles whethin
The Nifuinene aogivolu with me
Weble. Vicleaner and supplies
by Cecl. udlhave un Julfhin