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[margin]Ap 23d 1881[/margin]

McGillivray $50 - J Connell
Reckie $50 - D McTavish
Cataraqui $50 - A Givan
McIntyre $50 - Rod. McKay, honour of Buchan No 2
Church No 1 $65 - CJ Cameron, honour & McGillivray
Church No. 2 $60 - A Gandier
Buchan No 1 $80 - A.R. Linton
Buchan No 2 $100 - W. Spankie

[margin]Gov Gen prize[/margin]

It was found that the Governor Generals
Prize had been gained by Roderick

[margin]examining prize Prend prize[/margin]

In accordance with the report of the
Committee appointed to examine the Prize
Prend it was decided to award the Prize
to F.G. Marques

[margin]term for MA[/margin]

In accordance with the reports of the
respective Committees the Senate sustained
the Theses of Messrs Cattanach and McCallum