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March 12th 1918.
Hon. Woodrow Wilson,
Washington, D.C.

My dear Mr. Wilson:

Your despatch to Russians, direct, vigorous, sent at
a time, when promise of support, moral and naterial, by the United
States, will, I believe, steady Russians and halt action by Creat
Britain and Japan in development of wrong policies.

Your action at this great crisis must have approval and support
of all democrats--Americans, Europeans, Asiatics. I venture to
write this letter because of knowledge of Russians, Chineee,
Japanase and of Russian and Chinese democrats.

And now a word upon the political situation in Pennsylvania.
If you can find time to do so, read a statement I published last
Thursday; you will find it upon a sheet from The Philadelphia
Inquirer I send you herewith. Vance McCormick and A. Mitchell
Palmer should confer at once with the Independents of Pennsylvania,
who know of the campaign of 1862 and 1890, when by coalition of
Democrats and Independents, the Republican party of Pennsylvania,
then representative of combinations inimical to common weal rights,
was defeated. If the Democratic party of Pennsylvania plays the
part in the campaign of this year, Republican party leaders would
have it play and put aside a coalition with the Independents of
Pennsylvania, they will blunder and fasten upon this Commonwealth
the party of wasted rights.

Yours very truly,