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Plans for this ed. were begun in 1929.
The Type was a modification of the 22 point Centaur.
THe type page is severely simple and the only
decorative effect is obtained through the use of
the larger sizes of Centaur type for headings + the
large initial letters. ($265 in boards)
2 ed. printed from the same type:
1) ready in Spring 1935 - with small margins on
Wolvercote paper 12x16^4 which will fit
the usual church lecturn. (1000 copies)
2) ready in Autumn - on English hand-made
linen-rag paper 13x18 1/4" for the larger
lecturns of cathedrals (200 copies)

O.T. page 1-783 Zachariah p. 975-782
Apocrypha page 789-962
N.T. page 985-1202

Vol. I O.T. Genesis - Ecclesiastes
II O.T. - The Song of Solomon - Malachi
THe New Testament
HEHL 229575 - 2 vol. 1935 Signed by Rogers.

319000 - 2 vol 1935 White leather GerJack binding.

Early in Jan. 1939 Humphrey Milford of the Oxford Univ. Press,
together with John Johnson. Printer to the Univ. invited Bruce Rogers
to undertake the design of a new Oxford Bible. THe Bible
completed 5 yrs. later contained 1238 pages.