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Left hand Page
January 1855

1 Hearts of Mia Lothian
2 Recollections of a Southern
Matron -
3 [Deleted Text: Kahlar] Korlorlah
4 Paul and Virginia
5 Fern Leaves
6 Life of Earl Chatar
7 Several days reading
in the Encyclopedia
8 Also Analectic Magazine

Right Hand Page

9 Lives of Famous men of
11 Mo discontinued
11 A good deal in Spectators
12 Intelligencies etc [?]
13 Botts's American Revolution
14 Tempest & Sunshine
15 Channing's Life and character
of Napoleon
16 Commenced 1st Vol Spectator
17 The Tahoman
18 Harperd Magazine
19 Second Vol Botta
20 Periscopied Elder 30th april
Second Vol Spectator ammend