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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Jan. '95
10 L = $15.30

Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus (39-65 AD)
Pharsdlian (with the commentary of Joannis Sulpitius +
Omnibonius Leonicenus) LIBER TRRTIUS gii folio 50
Venice: Simon Beviladua, 31 Jan. 1493 + 94. f^0.
Ref: Goff L-305 HC 10241 Polain (B) 2517 IGI 5822 Oates 2092
Pr 5381 BMC V 517
Cop: HEHL, LC, New L, YUL

220 leaves. 8^a 64 liens + headline. 258(266)x164 (with marginalia
179mm) Types 110 R (P5) text type with 2 forms of separate Q
and i with light stroke. In use 1493-95(96).
80 R^r (P6,9) comm. + text type with separate Q. In use 1493+4.
80 Gk^a coarse irregular tyep. In use 1493-4.
Captial spaces with guide letters. Text begins on 7^a.
[*6]; a-z A-C8 D6.
2nd press after completing his last book at Vicenza 20 Nov.
1491. Brevilaqua printed at least 5 books at Venice
in 1492. His [crossed out] lask book of the century 21 Nov. 1500 [end crossed out] output
thenceforth was constant through the end of the century.
L-307 20 Oct. 1498. f^0. Simon Bevilaqua. BMC V 523. Copy: HEHL
218 leaves. 621. of comm. surrounding the text + headline 251(254)x174mm
Type 130 G, 105R, 80(82) R^b, 80 Gk. a close reprint of the 1493 ed.

Based on the work of Livy, Lucan's Pharsalia was written
in 10 parts + describes the causes of the war between Caesar
+ Pompey, the history of the war, the death of Pompey +
Caesars occupation of Egypt.
Pharsalia - Lucans heroic poem tracing the struggle between
Caesar + Pompey, commencing with the passage of the Rubicon.