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Los Angeles
- Aug. '99
- March '00

The Holy Bible. (Leaf + Prospectus)
Pennyroyal Caxton Press, Barry Moser, 1999
West Hatfield, Massachusetts f°

-- The text follows the classic King James or "Authorized"
version. The type is Galliand, designed by
Matthew Carter, + the type pages are composed
+ printed by Bradley Hutchinson of Digital
Letterpress in Austin, Texas.
-- Approximately 235 engraved illustrations.
-- 13 point size c 4 points leading.
-- primary edition -- 400 copies.
The Zakall paper was specially manufactured for
this project + bears the unique watermark of the
Pennyroyal Caxton Press.
The 1st ed. of the Bible in the 20th c. c both the
Old + New Testaments illustrated by a single artist.

The Book of Joshua → Chapt. 13, 14, 15. pp. 13, 14

See "Gazette of the Grolier Club" #51, 2000 pp 65-80.

2 volumes (XIV), 187 + (1), vi, 247 + (1), (vi) 109, (9); (x), 197, (3),
(viii), 235, (14) pages.
Vol I -- Pentateuch, the historial Books, +
the Poetical Books
Vol II -- Prophets + Books of the New Testament