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Cloudy & Clearing -

Ther. Saturday, June 16,th 1894. Wind.

I drove over to "Grove Hill" & Lizzie
Tyson gave me some seed sweet corn.
I also went to Riverside to see Brother
Richard & called at Thos Lea's and
at Ashton. home to dinner. Afternoon
H & I planted eleven rows of sweet
corn. The boys next door used "Frank"
horse to go through their corn with
the "double shovel plow. I walked
up to the store after supper.

Clear -

Ther 70 Sunday 17,th N.W. Wind.

This has been a hot day, although there
has been a light breeze much of the time.
I went to meeting, we had a sermon from E.
Farquhar, & also a short one from Caroline
Miller. After lunch I walked up to the
Tellegraph Office, where Fred: Iddings is
"officiating" in the temporary absence of
Frank Leizear Jr: and will be there for
a day or two, until Leizear returns.
Fred came down & spent an hour with
us this afternoon. A thunder gust
came up towards evening, but most
of it passed around north & South of us.
we had some high wind & light rain
although it looked very threatning at
one time, it did not amount to much here.

Clear -

Ther. 70° Monday, June 18,th 1894. S. Wind.

Beautiful summer morning.
I drove down to Ashton & called to see
Kate Stabler & also at Jno Abel's and
at the store. Afternoon I walked up to
the store & P.O. mailed 10¢ postage stamps
to Parke Davis & Co Detroit Mich: for a
medical publication advertized by them.
It is still very hot, but a nice breeze from
the South makes it bearable.

Clear & Cloudy -

Ther. 70° Tuesday, 19,th S.W. Wind.

Cloudy & threatning rain, but
none came except a few drops once or
twice. I drove down to Ashton before
dinner. Afternoon I took H & Dora in
the Surry over to "Eldon" & called at
"Homewood" on our return, but saw
no one there; they did not answer the
door bell, I suppose they were taking
an afternoon "nap". I washed the
Surry, besides taking off the "pole" &
putting on the shafts. We read: a
joint letter from all three of the
sons, in Va.

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