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Wednesday 23rd
Dr Nattie visited and prescribed
for Jane Kendall Fanny French and
Johanna O Hara.
Lizzie Kenny refused to do the work
the Laundress allotted her saying
she should do what she chose while
she was in this Institution.

Thursday 24th 9 pupils
Queens Birthday the Inmates
worked until the dinner hour
and spent the remainder of the
day in various games having
a sumptuous tea provided for
them which all enjoyed.

Friday 25th
Revd C H Garunsey conducted service
Annie Thorne a former Inmate
asked admittance and was received.

Saturday 26th 9 pupils
Mary Annie Smith asked
Laundress out for the afternoon

Sunday 27th
Mr Fletcher conducted morng service
Mr Ogden afternoon Do
Officers out to their usual services

Monday 28th
Lizzie Kenny again refused
to work, the Matron took her to the
Probationers room that she may not
contaminate the well behaved girls.

Tuesday 29th 9 pupils
Annie Thorne Annie Smith and
Mary Gommisch were admitted
Lizzie Kenny spoken to upon her bad behaviour